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Been researching a new post for later this week and came across an interesting site I wanted to pass along. New Life has a bunch of excellent articles on equality and gender issues, and at the bottom of this post, I will post links to some of the articles I found most interesting. If either of these topics are of interest to you, you’ll want to spend some time reading.

Also, on the right sidebar there are now sections for links to external sites with interesting articles/information so that they are easy to find and organized together.

Here are a few of the articles I liked:

I think that’s it for today. If you know someone who is struggling with or interested in these things, please feel free to pass this along. Also, I’ve changed the comment settings so that you can leave comments anonymously if you would like to.


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  1. Hi Rachel, thanks for recommending my blog.

    “very, nearly snarky” – love it! As an Australian, and because of my temperament, I don’t usually do “snark”; but yes, I came very close this time. 😉

  2. Hi Marg, thanks for writing your blog! You’ve got a massive amount of great stuff on there. Makes me want to stay up for three days straight reading it all. I just spent a few weeks in a huge blargument over the I Tim. 2:12 stuff. Wish I had found your stuff on that before all that instead of after.

    Are Australians generally low on the snark scale? That’s fascinating! I can barely open my mouth without snark tumbling out. That’s not well-represented yet on this blog, but no doubt will be soon. Anyway, thank you again for the wealth of information on your site. I’m happy to have found it and even more so to recommend it.

    1. Ugh. What is it with 1 Tim 2:12? It’s one verse: one verse that apparently trumps all other Bible verses that speak about women in ministry. I just wrote a lengthy reply to a person who used this verse to say a whole bunch of stuff that it was never meant to say.

      In case you’re interested, my most up to date material on 1 Tim 2:12 is here:

      I don’t think Australians are generally snarky, but maybe it’s a generational thing too.

      All the best with your blogging!

  3. Why, yes I am interested! I’ll go read that right away. And yes, if you look at I Tim. 2:12 as the defining word on women’s teaching/authority possibilities, then you have to completely ignore or ascribe “exception” status to almost every important woman mentioned in the Bible. God forbid that any of those women should be role models!

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