When To Hire An Assistant

Q: How do you know when you’ve gotten the point where you need to hire an assistant?

A: When the time you spend developing or marketing your business brings in more money per hour than what it would cost to hire out the recurring tasks that aren’t directly related to bringing in more business or expanding your services out (which brings in more business), it’s time to hire someone.

I usually tend to wait until my time is at least twice as valuable as what I would pay someone else because there is fuss with taxes and all that (which you also hire out because who wants to mess with that?). Or I wait longer than that. Or I wait way too long. Never mind! This is not about me (yet).

The point is, if you don’t hire out the repetitive tasks that you personally don’t need to do, you hinder your own growth because you have less development time for your good ideas, and you basically lose money every time you do those tasks yourself.

In other news, I hired an assistant this week. Yayyyyyy! She will be taking over my data entry and a couple other things that make my brain die a little bit each time I do them. Yayyyy!!! Oh wait, I already said that. I can’t help it; I’m super excited! Also, my new assistant is my 16-year old daughter, which makes me 2x the amount of excited. Yes!

Me to 16 & 17-year old daughters: Hey, do either of you want a job? I need an assistant.

Both girls: MEEEE!!!

16-year old to 17-year old: You already have a job!

17-year old: Yeah, okay. You can have it.

16- year old: YAY!

The End.

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